The Dilemma

On the one hand, you and your company face the challenge of reliably operating your mission-critical IT environment. Downtime means loss of work, generates high follow-up costs and often means loss of reputation.

On the other hand, your IT operation costs a lot of money: Even simple IT systems must be constantly maintained and monitored. Updates, patches, security updates and the monitoring of important processes require time, know-how and responsibility. And money.

It is always expensive when errors occur that are not recognized due to the lack of controls. There is a risk of system failures and data loss - the security of your systems is at risk.

In times of increasing complexity and a steadily growing number of processes, a functioning internal IT infrastructure is indispensable - regardless of whether it is a large or a small company. Our most important goal is therefore the professional administration of your system environment, so that you remain on the road to success and play in the top league.

We do a professional setup and ongoing support of your networks. It does not matter which operating systems (e.g. Linux, Windows etc.), software or hardware your company uses. Our administrator takes care of the maintenance of all IT components and guarantees you a smooth interaction of different systems.

The advantages are obvious: Due to the continuous monitoring of all important systems, functions and databases by our administrator, errors are discovered before there is a risk of failure. This ensures a high level of network security and increases your availability sustainably. This will also improve your performance and reduce significantly non-productive time.

Through permanent monitoring, our administrators intervene immediately in the event of a system failure and reduce your risks to a minimum.

Remote control and maintenance using different tools allow our system administrator to fix errors quickly and guarantee short response times. The functionality of your network will be quickly restored.


Similar to a car, a computer also requires regular maintenance. We take over the permanent maintenance of your entire IT infrastructure. Personal and individual support are our priority. Our administrators see themselves as your partners and help you with questions at any time.


If necessary, we connect to your server and support you in solving your problem. Do you need further assistance or more detailed information? Of course, you are also welcome to visit our employees on site.


Convinced? Then invest your workforce in building your company - leave the administration and maintenance of your network to us. We would be happy to inform you in a personal conversation about cost advantages and safety aspects of a maintenance contract tailored specifically to you.

Our services in detail

  • Selection, installation and integration of new servers and operating systems (e.g. Linux, Windows)
  • Cable and connection work
  • Connection of workplaces via LAN, WLAN, WAN or VPN
  • Import of server, system or program updates
  • Training and introduction to new systems (both in individual and group sessions)
  • Management / consulting
  • System maintenance
  • Network management
  • Installation of software

Advantages of Managed IT Services

  • Calculable maintenance and maintenance costs
  • High availability
  • Shorter reaction times through comfortable remote maintenance by our system administrator
  • Increased life expectance of your pc's by periodic computer maintenance
  • Continuous contacts in the area of network administration